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D. T. Regina

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D.T. Giant Orange

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(Mites) HomeCleanse Allergy spray

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Been using Allergy spray for the mite paper to keep out the mites from the fruit fly cultures.  I spray once every 2 weeks on the same piece of paper and put the fruit fly cultures on top.  Been working very well on my cultures and the bottle of spray lasts a long time (350ml).  It says on the instructions that you only need to spray once per month but i like to do it...

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Wingless fruit flies from www.livefoodsdirect.co.uk

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Just got some cultures of wingless fruit flies from www.livefoodsdirect.co.uk so far looking mite free but will be keeping a close eye on them as it looks like it was made up last week so needs a bit of time to tell if the cultures i got are ok. They cost me (Buy 6 for £1.60 each) (Excl. Vat).

For the lids on my new c...

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